Premarital Agreements

Marriage has deep emotional meaning. What many couples do not realize, or choose not to address, is the adverse financial consequences that can occur if the marriage does not work out as planned.  The complex intertwining of legal and financial selves poses huge, complicated challenges when marriages end. No marriage in today’s society is insulated from the very real US divorce statistic of 40%-50%. Scarily, when marriages end, the parties rarely possess the compassion or reason necessary to reach an affordable, collaborative dissolution.

The cost of a divorce is significantly increased when parties rely on courts to resolve financial issues. However, parties who draft a premarital agreement clearly outline legal and financial expectations from the outset of the union – done at a time when both parties care deeply for the other and have their reasonable faculties present. Through this conversation and collaboration, both parties develop a clear understanding of their current financial and legal situation and put into place protections they deem important and prudent. Premarital Agreements are an affordable option that can reduce the expense and risk in the event of a divorce.


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