Post-Decree Modifications

All family law matters are decided by the courts through the lens of a moment in time. The reality is that life is full of change, and that agreements that once made sense in a particular context no longer do when situations evolve. Because of this truth, post-decree work is quite common in the family law world. Post-decree work is provided when life circumstances and current legal agreements no longer align. A significant change in income, health, wellness, residence, or ability can prompt additional legal work after the initial decree designed to bring resources and needs into reasonable balance.

  • Modification of spousal support
  • Enforcement of spousal support
  • Enforcement of financial orders
  • Modifying parenting time
  • Modifying & Enforcing child support​
  • Addressing parenting plan changes
  • Drafting emergency protection orders
  • Determining decision making rights
  • Determining choice of school
  • Petitioning for relocation
  • Evaluating parental fitness


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