Grandparent’s Rights / Third Party Rights

Grandparents and other non-parental figures often play a crucial role in raising children. Grandparent’s rights and Third Party Rights are legal areas focused on protecting children’s well-being by acknowledging the important roles played by individuals outside the immediate parent group. At Schmillen Law Firm PLLC, we recognize the significance of these rights and are committed to helping clients understand and secure them.

Understanding Grandparent’s and Third Party Rights in Arizona

Grandparent’s rights in family law primarily involve the rights of grandparents to visit and, in some cases, gain custody of their grandchildren. These rights become important when parents are unable to care for their children, allowing grandparents to provide necessary stability and care.

Third Party Rights recognize individuals who aren’t biological parents but have formed a significant bond with a child, like stepparents or close family friends. These rights are crucial when these individuals are the main caregivers for the child.

In Arizona, both grandparents and Third Party rights require legal action to be established, focusing on the child’s welfare and need for a loving environment.

Factors Considered in Grandparent’s and Third Party Rights

When determining these rights, courts consider several factors to ensure the child’s best interests. These include:

  • The historical relationship between the child and the grandparent / Third party.
  • The reason for the parent’s objection to the relationship, if any.
  • The motivation of the requesting party in seeking legal rights.
  • Any potential negative impact on the child’s social and academic life.

Your Ally in Securing Grandparent’s and Third Party Rights

At Schmillen Law Firm PLLC, we understand the critical importance of grandparents and Third Party Rights in a child’s life. Our dedicated team of Arizona family lawyers is here to provide proficient legal assistance to ensure that these rights are recognized and upheld, balancing the best interests of the child with those of our clients.

If you are navigating this challenging area, reach out for a personalized consultation. Our commitment is to deliver effective legal solutions that honor the essential role of grandparents and third parties in a child’s upbringing, safeguarding the precious bond within the extended family. Let us be your trusted partner in securing these vital relationships.


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